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Sunday, August 31, 2008


So, I thought I had experienced nesting, but nothing topped my day yesterday. I vacuumed the living room, steam cleaned the carpets downstairs, finished re-upholstering my glider, re-arranged the bedroom so the bassinet and glider are next to the bed, re-packed my hospital bag, and folded three loads of laundry. To be totally honest, I did most of that work hoping that it would put me in labor. It did not work. At least I have a clean room!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thoughts and prayers

Just a quick post today - Jacob's mom is in the hospital. She was admitted Wednesday morning and the doctors are not sure exactly what is wrong, but they are ruling out pneumonia and/or sepsis. She is at Midlands hospital in Papillion and the nurses are taking very good care of her. We would appreciate any prayers on her behalf and also for Jacob as he is dealing with not only a VERY pregnant wife and sick mother, but is also working almost full-time and starts a full load of classes at Metro this Tuesday.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Holy cow!

I just looked at my baby countdown and noticed that it said "Only 16 days to go!" WHAT?!?!? That flew by a little. I guess because I am due in September it sounds further away than it really is. My sister and her family will be here on Saturday, so hopefully I will go into labor shortly after they get here.
I got to see Suzzanne, Emily, Matt, and Will yesterday. I haven't seen Emily and Matt since their wedding and this was the first time I saw their baby Will - who will be 2 in October. I was awesome to see how happy they are! Hopefully I will see Suzzanne at least once more before she leaves for the UK. I am excited for her and totally jealous because I would love to go to England!
Keep an eye out for a post titled "We're Leaving for the Hospital" in the next couple of weeks!

Monday, August 18, 2008


Well, I went to pick up Allison and Aiden at the airport on Friday, and they had a stow-away with them - Jared! He surprised us all by coming in town for the weekend. I think he just about gave his mother a heart attack. He and Jacob decided to wear similar outfits when their parents came over and see if they noticed. Jacob asked his mom and dad if they wanted some water and went into the kitchen while Jared brought the water out. His dad saw that it was Jared right away, but his mom just carried on her conversation without noticing. A few moments later they both came out of the kitchen and their mom screamed. It was pretty funny!

The pictures are before Jared took us all out, including my parents, to a really nice dinner at Omaha Prime steakhouse. Josh and Laura watched Joseph for us because it wasn't exactly a kid-friendly restaurant.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Quick update

I've been updating the belly slide show weekly now, so if you scroll down, you can see just how large my belly is now, or rather, how big the baby is. I begin my weekly appointments with the midwives today and it is strange to think that I could have 4 more appointments before I have a baby! There is a storm front and a full moon this weekend, so there's a slight chance I could go into labor this weekend, but that is probably just wishful thinking.
Jacob just started the new school year (for work) today and is working almost full-time with the school district this year. He starts his classes at Metro on September 2nd and is taking 3 classes on-line this quarter. So, it will definitely be a busy fall for us! We have Allison coming to visit this weekend and then my sister and her girls (and hopefully Jeff) will be here the following weekend. It will be quite a whirlwind around here and then Jacob and I and the boys will be all alone in the house after everyone leaves and my parents head to Hawaii in October for 10 days.
By the way, I have been watching a lot of the Olympics the last few days, and I think my favorite moment so far has been the US Men's swimming 4x100 m relay race! Go USA!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Getting ready for baby

Joseph is good at lounging - which allows me to take it easy, too. Here he is watching his favorite show "Word World".
So, I got the new Twlight book Breaking Dawn in the mail yesterday. I'm on page 232 - a little behind pace for me. But, I have been taking breaks while reading to make sure I move around a little bit. I read too long yesterday and my feet got a little swollen. After that, I decided to finish washing and sorting the rest of the baby clothes. So, everything is ready for our baby boy to arrive. If you check out my belly shots, you can see how much he has dropped in the past week! My sister is hoping to make it out here in time, but I'm not worried because I am still planning on going late. My mom is requesting a weekend birth - I told her I would try my best to schedule that. My SIL Allison is coming for a few days next weekend, so that should be fun. I am excited to finally meet my nephew Aiden and hopefully Joseph will be nice to him - a little baby practice could be helpful.