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Friday, June 27, 2008

Pictures of Joseph

Here are some new pictures of Joseph. We have been trying to eliminate his nap, so sometimes he falls asleep in the evening. We got a video of him trying, unsuccessfully, to stay awake.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Nebraska Weather

Hey everyone - Well, the weather here has definitely kept us on our toes lately. We have had 4 tornado warnings in our county so far this year. Before that, I had only been in 3 since moving here in 1993. We have been lucky here in Bellevue and have not had any damage from the storms. A tornado touched down in Millard just a mile or so away from where Jacob and I lived when we were first married. Last Wednesday, we were in a tornado warning for about 2 hours. Josh and Trish were up visiting from Kansas City with their two kids Lukas and Danileigh. That storm was probably the worst so far. The picture on the left is from that storm. Someone from Omaha posted it on I knew it was bad when my dad actually came close to being in the basement. We were right in the path of a tornado, but it ended up going south of us and I don't think it caused a whole lot of damage. That was the same night that a tornado hit the Boy Scout camp in Little Sioux, IA. It has been pretty incredible hearing the stories on the news from those young boys who helped save lives because of their Boy Scout training. Just the week before, the girls from our church were at that very same camp for a week-long outing.
The flooding has so far been south and east of here, with Iowa really getting hit hard. The Red Cross has already run out of money for the disasters in Iowa. I wonder where all the celebrity fundraisers that helped out New Orleans are now? You would think that maybe someone like Ashton Kutcher, who grew up in the area that is under water right now might use his celebrity to help out. I just pray that people can rebuild and start over after this really horrible weather.