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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Random Acts of Kindness

I've been reflecting lately on "Random Acts of Kindness." When we stop just long enough in our hectic lives to do a small act of kindness, great things may come. Maybe it's because I'm focusing on it, or maybe it's because the Lord knows I need it, but I've noticed more kindness lately.  Here's my ongoing list:

  • Someone sent me a Valentine's card in the mail with a gift certificate to 7-11.  She saw me there once with my family and she suggested it would be fun to take the kids out for slurpees.  We totally did and they LOVED it!
  • Jacob won a guessing contest and as soon as we get a sitter we can go to dinner and a movie using the gift cards he won! (I know, not a random act of kindness, but it's still awesome.)
  • A saw a co-worker today reassuring another co-worker today. Quietly and calmly, she took time to help another person through a difficult situation.  This particular co-worker is an excellent example to me of the importance of kindness.
  • EVERY time my son sees me - or any other adult he loves - in the hallway at school, I can expect a great hug! I wonder if he knows how awesome that is?
  • My lunchtime at work is always full of laughter.  I can always count on a couple of awesome ladies to supply some much-needed humor to help me re-charge. Today was especially helpful - I almost laughed soda out my nose! (Thanks, Peggy!)
Have you noticed acts of kindness lately?  Kid President has a great message about kindness that I think is totally awesome.

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