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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I can't believe it's almost Christmas!!!
We've had a busy couple of months. Jacob finished his Associate's degree at Metro Comm College in mid-November. He didn't want anyone to make a big deal about it, but I think it's pretty darn cool. He's going to take a break from school for about 3 years so I can go back and get a Music Education degree. I start at UNO in January. I already have a BA in Music, so I have about 2 years of Education classes to take and then a semester of student teaching. I am pretty excited! I will be ready to teach full-time when Shae is ready to start Kindergarten! Jacob will be able to go back to school then as a full-time student without having to worry about bringing home the only paycheck.
Joseph is having a blast at pre-school and has learned A LOT! His social skills and behavior are greatly improved. He also recently started Occupational therapy to help him with some of his sensory issues. They have gotten him to feed himself peach mango applesauce, which is quite a feat. He is also going to start some extra speech therapy, too. Earlier today, I met with Joseph's "education team" at his school. We went over his goals and talked about how much progress he has made since starting in August. We are always amazed at his reading ability. He will be 4 in January and is reading at about a 2nd grade level. I did find out this morning that Joseph has an official educational diagnosis of Autism. We've basically known that for a while now, but had it confirmed by a school psychologist today. I am SO thankful for all of the early intervention he is getting.

Christmas Pictures of the Boys!