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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's Snowing

. . . and cold and windy! I haven't updated for a while.
Shae - Growing everyday! He's sometimes a little picky with his eating, but ate a whole slice of pizza yesterday by himself. He's going to physical therapy twice a month to help align his ankles and knees and help with some other gross motor skills. The PT said he is doing really well, especially with running, and is starting to get some distance on throwing a ball overhand. He loves to play on the computer (and add LOTS of DVDs to our Netflix queue).

Joseph - Is also growing (and constantly eating) - apparently this is a preview to the teenage years! He is making tons of progress and is now able to go to sunbeams classtime without mommy or daddy. We are working towards staying for all of sharing time. He recently participated in the primary presentation at church and read a scripture in front of the whole congregation! (He was so excited to hear his voice in the microphone). He is doing well at pre-school learning to play with the other kids. His reading is still amazing - I would guess maybe 2nd grade level. It's hard to believe he will be turning 5 in just about a month!

Jacob - Started a new job about 6 weeks ago. He is working as a Telecommuting agent for At&t/Convergys. He spent 4 weeks training at a call center in Omaha and is now working from home. It's been an adjustment, but we know that this position is better than the school district because it is year-round, full-time. Right now, he is working on Sundays, but we're hoping and praying that with the next schedule change, he will be able to come to church.

Shawn/Me - I am keeping myself busy with the boys and church and Scentsy. I was recently released from my calling with the Young Women and asked to be the new Music Chairperson. It's been a challenge and I've really struggled to be grateful, but being up to my ears in Christmas Music is helping. I've got 3 weeks to get the Christmas program put together and rehearsed with the choir - yikes! - but it seems to be going as smoothly as it can. Scentsy is going very well and I just moved up in the marketing plan and am now a "Lead Consultant." It means about an extra 2% commission. It's a nice perk, but really I just enjoy being a consultant - I'm not too focused on moving up. I'm also playing clarinet in the Nebraska Wind Symphony which is really fun. We got to perform in the Holland center on Thanksgiving and that was really cool!