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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Joseph's ER visit

We went to Target on Tuesday to buy some diapers and ended up at the Emergency Room. When we got to Target, Shae's car seat wouldn't fit in the shopping cart, so we put him in the cart seat and put Joseph in the basket. We've done it before with no problems. As we were leaving electronics, Joseph stood up and fell out of the cart and landed right on his head. It happened so fast. The sound was terrible. I thought he was fine - I'd seen bumps on his head before. We got him some juice and cookies and got in the car. Jacob insisted on taking him to the Urgent Care center just a block away. I was reluctant to sit in a waiting room with both boys. I carried Joseph into the clinic and was barely in the waiting room when Joseph threw up all over me 3 times. Everyone in the room just stared at us. I said "I guess we should have gone to the ER." The intake nurse was staring at us, not moving. Jacob said "Help" and I looked at her and said "Can someone bring us some towels?" It was really strange. A wonderful woman grabbed the towels from the nurse and said she would clean up so we could both go back with Joseph. The clinic called an ambulance. We went outside with a police officer to meet the rescue squad. A lady on her cell phone backed her car out right in front of the rescue squad. The cop totally yelled at her and she looked completely mortified. Jacob rode in the ambulance with Joseph. My parents met us at the hospital and watched Shae. The doctor was really good with Joseph. He wanted to do a CT scan, but we knew Joseph wouldn't be able to sit still for it and he really didn't want to sedate him. In the end, Joseph was observed for a little while and then they gave him some apple juice to make sure he could keep it down. About 10 minutes after he chugged the juice, he was running around the exam room, playing with whatever he could find. The doctor came in, saw him playing, and said he was fine. He sent us home with some head injury guidelines. Here are some pictures of the damage.

This is the same day, about 8 hours after his fall. (above and below)

This last picture is the next day. The doctor told us Joseph would have a black eye the next day - he was right! Joseph is doing much better (although a little cranky) and is getting good rest and watching lots of Scooby Doo cartoons.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Family Fourth

We woke up Saturday morning with nothing planned to celebrate our Nation's birthday. So, we improvised. We decided to head up to the Bob Kerry pedestrian bridge in downtown Omaha. We were completely surprised by how nice the grounds are by the bridge. It's not just a bridge connecting Omaha and Council Bluffs. The visitor's center has a great display of the Lewis and Clark history and also history of the Missouri River. On our way up to the bridge, we passed a splash park (with fountains that shoot out of the ground that you can run through and get wet). It was a little chilly, so we avoided that area. A few luxury condo buildings stand just beyond the grounds. We walked to the halfway point on the bridge before heading back to the car to eat lunch and hit the zoo. Joseph fell asleep as we were parking at the zoo and slept until we were heading back home. We were totally unsuccessful in finding a fireworks show that night. We packed a picnic dinner and headed out to the base lake. We ate in the back of the minivan, but soon found out that the base lake fireworks were on Thursday! Oh, well. We came home and watched a little bit of the shows on TV and put the boys to bed. They were pretty worn out from the day and so were mom and dad! Enjoy the pictures!