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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wow - Has it been that long?

I had no idea that I've neglected my blog since November! So much has happened. Here's a quick list:
1. Jacob is back working with the school district. Yay!
2. We moved into a new apartment because the old one had a faulty fireplace.
3. I started college at Peru State to finish my Elementary Education degree.

Those are the major things. I came to my blog today because I am feeling rather reflective about being a mom. I read another blog post today from a mom of a child on the spectrum. She noticed that she had allowed her daughter's diagnosis to define her and stopped doing a lot of the things she used to enjoy. While recognizing that motherhood is EXHAUSTING, she said, metaphorically and literally, "buy the shoes." So, what does that mean? It means that, yes, being a mom of a child with Autism IS EXHAUSTING and there are days where sweatpants, bandanna covered hair, and crocs are your fashion, but do not let it become the everyday. Take time for yourself. Your child is changing and progressing, so should you! If I spent as much time working on myself as Joseph spent in therapy, I would have already lost 50 pounds and finished reading the Book of Mormon and be ahead in my school work. I also would have had that hair appointment I keep meaning to make instead of cutting my own hair. I would be living in a way that really shows my son that Autism does not rule our lives. We are more than IEP meetings and therapy appointments. So, to myself, I say not "Buy the shoes" but WEAR THE SHOES - as in NOT my pink crocs everyday.