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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Spring Break!

My goal going in to spring break was to spend time with my family and relax as much as possible. I finished the work week with some terrible sinus junk, so I was relieved to turn off my alarm.  We did a mini stay-cation and went to Thanksgiving Point, visited my nieces, and checked out Antelope Island. 
Joseph playing with the dinosaur at the Museum of Ancient Life

Shae being silly :)
Spending time with my beautiful neices

Looking west from the north shore of Antelope Island

Shae found a tiny sand island

Looking east at the mountain from the north shore of Antelope Island
Checking out the bison statue

We had a fun week, but we ended with two of us on antibiotics :( Shae and I slept pretty much all day Friday. He's got strep and I have a sinus infection. He's getting his tonsils out in June!

Another awesome part of Spring Break was getting to watch General Conference. It just happened to be Easter Sunday, too. We spent each night reading about the last week of Jesus's life to remember why Easter is so important. Several of the talks in the conference sessions were great and I am excited to read them later!

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